Abernethy Way Road Improvements (230 St to 232 St)

The project scope has recently changed for the Abernethy Way Road Improvements between 230 Street and 232 Street, and the City is currently working with the design consultant.

An evaluation conducted by a transportation consultant determined the proposed expansion to four lanes is not required for many years. The project will now focus on upgrades to the intersections of 232 Street and Abernethy Way and 232 Street and Dewdney Trunk Road. The proposed intersection upgrades will improve traffic flows between Dewdney Trunk Road  and 232 Street and Abernethy Way.

A multi-use path will also be designed for 232 Street that will connect to the existing path on Abernethy Way and to the proposed new multi-use path on 232 Street south of Dewdney Trunk Road.

This project is currently in the design stage with construction planned for 2022. Further updates and information will be shared when it is available.