Properties may have recycling, sewer, and water charges depending on access to these services. Most of these charges are included on the annual property tax notice. Metered Water and Interim Utility bills are sent out separately from the Property Tax Notice. Interim Utility bills are sent to homes that have been using utility services for only a portion of the year and were not charged on the property tax notice. A Final Metered Water Reading is a requested service,  usually because of a sale.


Water Shut off/Servicing & Sewer Servicing: Public Works  Phone: 604-463-9581  Email: operations@mapleridge.ca

Recycling Pick up/ Depot:  Ridge Meadows Recycling  Phone: 604-463-5545 Email: info@rmrecycling.org

Water/Recycling/Sewer Billing: Property Tax Department Phone: 604-467-7316 Email: revenue@mapleridge.ca

Recycling Charges

  • Annual levy on the Property Tax Notice
  • Parcel charge supports the recycling depot
  • Service charge supports the weekly pick up service
  • Homes with secondary suites will incur a charge for additional service
  • View the charges for each year in "Schedule B" of the Recycling Bylaw
  • Recycling Bylaw (PDF)

Sewer Charges

  • Annual charge on the property tax notice
  • Parcel charge is for the infrastructure
  • Service charge is for the use of the connection
  • Homes with secondary suites will incur a charge for additional service
  • View the charges for each year in "Schedule A" of the Sewer Bylaw
  • Sewer Bylaw (PDF)

Water Charges

  • 3 types of charges: yearly flat rate fee, or quarterly metered or parcel
  • Parcel charge is for bare land properties for being within the vicinity of the city water infrastructure
  • Many strata properties are on metered water and charged one bill to the strata
  • Water Bylaw (PDF)

Why are we on Metered Water or Flat Rate Water for our home?

In the Water bylaw, the following properties must be converted to metered water:
  1.  with non-residential uses;
  2. all services, water and service connection, 25mm in diameter and larger;
  3. with in-ground pools or in-ground sprinkler systems;
  4. greater that 0.4 hectares in area
  • Households on a meter that conserve water can save money
  • To request to change to a water meter complete a Estimate and Water Meter Application and submit it to the Engineering Department. Note: there is no charge for the installation of a meter but there is a maximum number of meters that can be installed per year.

Flat Rate Water

  • Annual charge on the property tax notice (if not on meter)
  • Homes with secondary suites will incur a charge for additional service
  • View the charges for each year in "Schedule A" of the Water Bylaw

Metered Water

  • Invoiced 4 times a year
  • Due 30 days after the invoice date
  • Charges are a base rate plus a consumption charge
  • Base rate charge is for the maintenance of the water system and meter
  • View base rate and consumption charges in "Schedule B" of the Water Service Bylaw
  • 10% penalty charged on the amount outstanding after the due date
  • Charges left unpaid after December 31st are transferred to taxes as arrears and are subject to daily interest
  • Payment Options
  • Sign up for eBilling through your MyCity Account

Final Metered Water Reading

  • Separate reading from the normal quarterly billing
  • Cost is $116.00 plus GST and PST totaling $129.92 for the reading
  • To request fill out a Final Water Meter Read Request Form and email it to revenue@mapleridge.ca
  • We will try to accommodate the "read date request" filled out on the Final Water Read Request Form, but it will depend on the volume of service requests. Meter Readings are not available on weekends or statutory holidays.

Low Flow Toilet Utility Credit

  • Must be a Homeowner
  • $50 utility tax credit for replacing an older toilet with a new low-flow toilet
  • Contact Ridge Meadows Recycling to receive more information