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A permit is a document that describes and authorizes construction or alteration to take place in accordance with the plans and specifications that have been submitted for acceptance by the City of Maple Ridge. Maple Ridge's Building Bylaw applies to all construction, alteration, reconstruction, demolition, removal, relocation and occupancy of all new and existing buildings and structures. All buildings are subject to: 

  • Review of the application for compliance with our local bylaws and provincial codes
  • On-site inspections to make sure the work is being done correctly
The successful completion of the permit process results in the building receiving final approval. The permit becomes part of the permanent record in the property file. This information is important to future property owners since it assures them that the work was done in accordance with applicable zoning, health and life-safety regulations.

To determine the zoning of your property, check online at Ridgeview Online Mapping.

Applying for Permits

Permits must be applied for in person at the Permits counter at the City of Maple Ridge (please note that permits can not be applied for by fax or email). As there are several different types of permits, we have put together guides and checklists to assist you in preparation of your application. Permit application forms can be obtained by mail, fax, online or in person at the permits counter at City Hall. 

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Information required to book an inspection: 
  • Permit number
  • Site address
  • Type of inspection requested 
  • All electrical inspections and final gas inspections require a picture or scan of the signed original declaration. 
Inspections can be booked via email, online or fax at 604-467-7461.


Permit fees are based on the costs involved in constructing a project. The fees include costs to process the permit, plan checking / review and inspections carried out by the City of Maple Ridge's building, plumbing / gas and electrical inspectors. If it becomes necessary to make changes to a permit already issued or if you require additional inspections, it may be necessary to pay additional fees.
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Inspection Requests

Online Inspection Booking
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Building Department Online Inspection Booking

Click here ( to request an inspection. This service is for all permit types and is currently replacing the 24 hour inspection phone line. For electrical inspections and gas final inspections you will now be completing the declaration on-line as part of the request process. Once the request has been scheduled in the system you will receive a confirmation email.


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