Feasibility Study for Alouette River Crossing

Current Status

In 2017, the City commenced a study to consider potential routes for the future extension of Abernethy Way, as far as 256 Street. This study will also consider the tie-in to the potential bridge coming into Silver Valley on the 240 Street alignment. Given the significant financial costs to construct the bridge and associated roadworks, the City will be pursuing funding from both provincial and federal governments.

There are currently no plans to construct the bridge within the next 5 years, although the project is identified in the City’s Long-Range Capital Plan.

For further information, you may contact the Engineering Department at 604-467-7339.

Past History

In 2007, Council approved the commissioning of a feasibility study and conceptual design for a bridge over the South Alouette River with an alignment in the vicinity of 240 Street. Associated Engineering Consultants completed the Feasibility Study for Alouette River Crossing in August 2008.

The report recommends 240 Street as the preferred alignment for the bridge and identifies a cost estimate of over $30 million for the bridge. Additional road works to approaches and intersections will also be required. This project will require significant financial engineering to schedule and construct the bridge.