Community Initiatives

The Agricultural Advisory Committee (AAC), in pursuit of implementing the Agricultural Plan, supports a range of community initiatives in Maple Ridge.

Talking About Backyard Hens

The City of Maple Ridge’s Agricultural Advisory Committee (AAC) is looking at options to accommodate backyard hens in residential areas in Maple Ridge and wants to hear what you think.

Over the summer, City staff and members of the AAC will be popping up at community events to talk about backyard hens in Maple Ridge. Feel free to join us or you can call the City at any time to share your thoughts on backyard hens in Maple Ridge:
  • Country Fest, July 28 & 29, 2018
  • Haney Farmers Market, August 2018
  • Online until August 31, 2018 
Information boards are available here.

Online survey is available here.

In the fall, City staff will summarize what was heard and report back to the AAC and to Council. Based on your comments, Maple Ridge Council will decide if bylaw updates should be prepared to accommodate backyard hens in residential areas in Maple Ridge.

Food Garden Contest

Promoting food security, the AAC runs an annual Food Garden Contest for both Front and Back Yard Gardens. Participants are judged on the quantity and range of food grown, the health of the plants, gardening practices and the garden design. Nominations take place in June and judging is done in early August. 

Golden Harvest

Celebrating local food while supporting local food businesses, Golden Harvest pairs up local producers of agricultural products such as berries, vegetables, meats and cheeses with the culinary artists of some of the City’s wonderful local restaurants. These professionals create distinctive dishes that reflect the offerings of their restaurant and the diversity of our community. Another great part of the event is the culinary arts programs from our local high schools and local community college programs prepare delicious delicacies. It’s been a great way for students to learn and connect with the community.

Golden Harvest will take place October 12, 2018. Watch for updates on Facebook.

Educational Events

The AAC hosts occasional educational events throughout the year. Stay tuned for upcoming events.

Grant Program

The Maple Ridge AAC has a grant program that provides small disbursements to worthy organizations involved in promoting agriculture who may not qualify for other grant opportunities. The AAC also provides ongoing support to Country Fest and the Haney Farmers Market.

Interested in being considered for a grant? Fill out an application form (PDF).