Detached Garden Suite Pilot Project

On January 14, 2019, a report entitled, Detached Garden Suites (DGS) Pilot Project – Phase 2, was presented at Council Workshop and the following resolution was passed:

That staff be directed to not proceed with phase 2 of the DGS Pilot Project and report back to Council with information on the options discussed in the report titled Review of Regulations for Secondary Suites and Detached Garden Suites: Public consultation Outcomes, dated February 6, 2018.

Phase 1 - Information on Process and Progress to Date

On November 27, 2018, Council granted final readings of the Zoning Bylaw Amendments and Housing Agreement bylaws to the following two Phase 1 Pilot Project participant properties:
  • 26378 - 126 Avenue
  • 23525 Dogwood Avenue
In order for Council to consider final reading of the Zoning and Housing Agreement bylaws, participants were required to complete all requirements of the DGS Pilot Project process. For more information, please see the November 27, 2018 Council Meeting report. When construction of both DGS units at the above addresses is complete, public tours will be scheduled for a period of two months. These are anticipated to begin in Fall 2019.

For background on the DGS Pilot Project and the SS and DGS review process, please see the information below:

Zone Amending Bylaws for the following three properties received Third Reading at the July 24, 2018 Council Meeting.
  • 26378 - 126 Avenue
  • 23525 Dogwood Avenue
  • 10861 Morrisette Place
The following reports and attachments provide background information on the DGS Pilot Project, which was initiated through a Council resolution at the February 6, 2018 Council Workshop Meeting (see Review of SS and DGS Programs section below for links to more background information).

Review of Secondary Suites and DGS programs

The DGS Pilot Project is part of a review to potentially expand the Zoning Bylaw regulations for Secondary Suites (SS) and DGSs. More information is available on the SS & DGS review process through the links below: