Home Based Business

  • To operate a home based business there must be a home on the property and the business must be operated by the occupant(s) of the home. Home based businesses are an important part of the City's economy, however, the City needs to ensure that neighbourhood character is maintained and employees are safe. As a result, there are limitations on the operation of a home based business. 
  • The City categorizes home based businesses into 3 types, each with their own set of regulations. 
  • A Home Based Business Licence Application (PDF) must be completed and submitted to the Licences & Bylaws Department along with a minimum payment of $110.00
  • The licensee must maintain compliance with all Maple Ridge Bylaws
  • The business must be in compliance with the property use requirements of the Zoning Bylaw (PDF)
  • Inspections are required. Review our Business Licence Application Guide (PDF) for more information on inspections and the approval process
  • The licensee must hold current operating approval from applicable regulatory bodies