Community Champions

Community Champions

Community Champions is a citizen recognition campaign where the community nominated their exceptional neighbours according to five categories: artists, athletes, volunteers, storytellers and barrier breakers. Those selected were recognized on the covers of seasonal Maple Ridge Parks, Recreation & Culture Program Guides and also receive a full spread that shares their story on the interior of the guide.

2021 Community Champions


2020 Community Champions

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2019 Community Champions

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  1. What is a Community Champion?
  2. Rules

What makes someone a Community Champion?

We have created a few categories to help inspire your nominations!


Whether your nominee paints, draws, takes videos, is a personality on social media, creates things digitally, writes, plays music or creates custom outfits for pets… we want to hear about them! 

The term “artist” is as diverse as our community. If your nominee identifies as an artist, use the nomination form to tell us about their art form and direct us to where we can view/listen/learn about their art where possible.


Do you know a budding professional soccer player, senior canoe expert or perhaps someone taking wheelchair basketball to the next level? 
“Athlete” can refer to anyone who lives and breathes their recreation passion. 


Does your nominee take time out of their busy lives to help others? Perhaps they help out at the local animal shelter or volunteer during Civic Events to ensure community celebrations are successful.
“Volunteers” eligible for Community Champions are those who volunteer within our community.  


We owe so much to those in our community who tell our story – Maple Ridge is a diverse community full of people who share their own story and how it is intertwined with our City.  We’d love to hear about the writers, poets and historians in your life!

Barrier Breaker

“Barrier Breakers” are individuals who challenge norms and who break down obstacles that keep themselves and/or others from participating, voicing their opinions, or accessing our beautiful City. 

Do you know someone who is making a difference by questioning “norms”, pushing the envelope, or taking action for a cause? We would love to recognize their hard work and leadership in Maple Ridge.