Soil Deposit Bylaw

In July 2016, Maple Ridge Council endorsed a Bylaw review and public consultation process to review and amend the City’s Soil Deposit Regulation Bylaw. The review of the Soil Deposit Bylaw was identified as a high priority, short term, action item in the city’s Environmental Management Strategy process and was identified in the Planning Department 2016 Business Plan.

Residents, businesses and community groups have provided feedback related to concerns and challenges experienced as a result of permitted and un-permitted Soil Deposit activity. A Public Open House and a Questionnaire were completed in the Fall that gave residents, businesses and community groups the opportunity to provide feedback on the current Soil Deposit Bylaw and the Bylaw review process. Following the Open House and Questionnaire, City staff continued dialogue with citizens, business owners, and other stakeholders.

The Soil Deposit Regulation Bylaw was adopted by Council on May 8, 2018.

For convenience, please find below the following documents for your review: