Robbie, Al

I have had Maple Ridge as my home for 35 of my 43 years.

I understand the needs of the community as a whole, have the ability to make tough but informed decisions, and ask the difficult questions.

Through 25 years in the engineering field, I have gained a skill set to process the task at hand, while considering it’s long term impact. I am involved in multiple local sports associations as a coach and executive.

My passion is to have Maple Ridge be a city where local residents:

  • feel safe raising a family 
  • want to start or operate a business 
  • want to visit 
I pride myself on my high level of integrity, an openness to discuss the issues of today and the determination to see projects through.

It would be my honour to serve as a Councillor for the City of Maple Ridge

“Decisions Today, a Vision for Tomorrow”

The words provided are that of the candidate. The City of Maple Ridge does not endorse any candidate.
Al Robbie

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