Shields, Mike

I was raised in Pitt Meadows 1974-1991 before going away to UBC. There I both won a CIAU Football Championship and enough success with Maple Ridge’s student painting franchise to backpack the world after graduation.

At age 26 I ran for Member of Parliament, but despite MR News editorials describing mine as “the most impressive candidacy” lost by 33%. Eschewing politics I obtained a Master’s Degree from the London School of Economics and a career in Venture Capital which currently underwrites projects throughout Asia from a Rock Ridge home I had custom built in 2003.

Recently I’ve organized monthly public forums at the ACT Theater on topics from homelessness to taxation then advanced resident suggestions in a regular MR News column. Nonetheless my proposed community solutions probably derive more from insights gained via decades of hockey with local RCMP officers & firefighters plus life-long friendships with local small business owner-operators.

The words provided are that of the candidate. City of Maple Ridge does not endorse any candidate.

Mike Shields


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