Ahmed Yousef


Ahmed Yousef is a consensus builder with the energy, determination, and courage to bring progress to Maple Ridge.

He will strive to enact policies focusing on everyday things like feeling safe on the streets, shopping at home, creating more recreational opportunities, and respecting taxpayers’ pocketbooks.

Yousef will fight for people’s right to be heard; for equal and consistent enforcement of laws; and for real help, not warehousing for the homeless.

He wants to deliver progress people can see and touch.

He has lived in five countries, visited more than 30, and has learned to find common ground when differing opinions are involved.

Yousef and his wife moved to Maple Ridge almost a decade ago to raise their family.

He has a bachelor’s degree in Political Science and a Master’s degree in International Relations. He runs his own business and is a hard-working community volunteer and advocate.

Councillor Ahmed Yousef

Cell: 604-218-6602
Email: ayousef@mapleridge.ca
Ahmed Yousef