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The City of Maple Ridge provides appropriate road maintenance activities in order to sustain a safe and serviceable road network.

The Roads section strives to efficiently maintain our present transportation system to meet the current and future needs of our citizens. and aids in protecting the municipal investment in roads infrastructure. Transportation also includes the Electro-Mechanical section, which operates and maintains a variety of electrical, mechanical and instrumentation systems that are vital in the operation of the City infrastructure.

Fleet Management is responsible for equipment performance measures, vehicle replacement, equipment charge out rates and equipment reserve funding.

Did You Know?

  • Pothole on your street? You can contact Public Works and we'll create an Action Request for the Roads Department to repair it.
  • Street light out? The Electro-Mechanical section repairs all metal pole street lights and BC Hydro repairs all wooden pole street lights. Please contact Public Works to request repairs for metal poles street lights. BC Hydro maintained lights can be reported to BC Hydro at 1-800-224-9376. 
  • Illegal dumping on public property like the roadside or a boulevard? Contact Public Works and the Roads section will dispatch someone for collection.
  • The Ministry of Transportation and Highways is responsible for road repairs and maintenance along the Lougheed Highway from Kanaka Way east to Mission and from 222 Street west to Pitt Meadows. If you see a road or safety hazard for motorists or cyclists on Lougheed Highway, please contact their contractor, Mainroad Group on their 24-hour hotline at 604-271-0337. 
  • If you see a road or safety hazard for motorists or cyclists on the Golden Ears Bridge or Golden Ears Way, please contact Miller Capilano Highway Services on their 24-hour dispatch line at 1-866-918-1010.