Sanitary & Storm Sewers

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Sanitary Sewer

The City maintains and constructs the sanitary sewer infrastructure. We ensure an effective and reliable sanitary sewage collection system and transfer to Metro Vancouver for treatment. Sewerworks is responsible for the following:
  • Flushing sanitary sewer lines
  • Clearing blockages to sanitary sewer mains and services to property line
  • Maintaining sanitary sewer manholes
  • Sanitary mains and inspection chambers

Storm Drainage

The City maintains an effective drainage system in an environmentally friendly manner. Stormwater is managed with an efficient drainage ditch, culvert and storm sewer system. If you are adopting a catch basin please review some helpful information. Stormworks is responsible for the following:
  • cleaning catch basins
  • responding to flooding reports
  • cleaning ditches
  • storm sewers and culverts
  • flushing storm sewer lines

Did You Know?

The City of Maple Ridge Public Works has a 24 hour emergency contact number: 604-463-9581 that can assist with plugged sanitary services, basement, and yard flooding. Located below is some helpful information:
  • City Public Works should be your first contact if you have a sanitary sewer back up or flooding
  • Each property has a service line with a sanitary inspection chamber and newer homes will also have a storm inspection chamber.  These are normally located at the frontage of the property line. Please DO NOT landscape over them as they need to be accessible at all times.
  • If your inspection chamber lid is cracked or missing, please contact Public Works immediately at 604-463-9581.

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24-hour Emergency Service: 604-463-9581