Environment Development Planning

The development and environmental services section is primarily involved in the file management of the ma­jority of applications received in the Planning Department, in­cluding zoning, development permits and subdivision. This group is also responsible for the provision of the de­partment's environmental services, including policy crea­tion, the issuance of permits and enforcement. The provision of mapping services also falls within the re­sponsibilities of this section.

Staff support is provided to the Advisory Design Panel and to the Board of Variance along with providing supplemental support in the area of urban trees.

File Processing

This section is responsible for processing develop­ment files including amend­ments to the Official Commu­nity Plan and Zoning Bylaw, land use inquiry, subdivi­sion, development permit, development variance permit and Agricultural Land Reserve Com­mission applications. Other areas include researching the environmental com­ponent of the Emer­gency Response Plan, reviewing the contract for the Mosquito Control Program and re­searching new contract provisions, as well as assessing changes in provincial regulations.