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Code of Conduct

The Council Code of Conduct details the shared expectations for responsible conduct as determined by the City of Maple Ridge Council for the 2018 - 2022 municipal term.

Council Strategic Plan & Matrix

Council formally adopted their Strategic Plan 2019-2022 on April 9, 2019. The plan identifies five priority areas that are supported by a list of staff reports and projects that will be presented at Council meetings and workshops over the first of their four years in office. This document is called the Council Workplan Matrix. As Council's term proceeds the Matrix will be updated with timelines for upcoming work items and reports. The Matrix does not represent an exhaustive list of the work undertaken by departments, but a snapshot of key priority projects identified by Council. Endorsed Matrix updates are located below.

Additional supporting action items do not require Council decisions and will be implemented accordingly. Proposed dates are subject to change. For upcoming agenda items, citizens are advised to check here closer to the meeting dates.

Council Progress Reports

Mayor Morden, on behalf of Council, has committed to providing regular updates on the progress of work on the Strategic Priorities throughout the four year term of Council. Here are the Council videos and other materials that are part of those updates.

June 11, 2019
September 10, 2019
November 12, 2019

Mayor Mike Morden

Mike Morden

Councillor Judy Dueck

Judy Dueck

Councillor Gordy Robson

Gordy Robson

Councillor Kiersten Duncan

Kiersten Duncan

Councillor Ryan Svendsen

Ryan Svendsen

Councillor Chelsa Meadus

Chelsa Meadus

Councillor Ahmed Yousef

Ahmed Yousef

Guidelines for Council Correspondence

The following guidelines ensure that all Council correspondence is responded to in a timely manner and that all members of Council have access to the responses on matters that are important to you. This approach ensures that correspondence receives consistent and accurate responses reflecting the official policies and procedures of Council and the City of Maple Ridge.

Correspondence addressed to Mayor & Council received via email will receive a reply from the Mayor’s office acknowledging response of the email and providing information on who will be replying to the email. All staff responses to Mayor and Council correspondence will be shared with all members of Council.

Individual members of Council may forward an email to the Mayor’s office for reply, rather than responding directly, especially where the correspondence relates to a policy or technical matter requiring the input of City staff. As with emails sent to the Mayor and Council email, a reply will be sent from the Mayor’s Office acknowledging receipt of your email, rather than a direct reply from the Council member.

Council members exercise discretion in reviewing their emails and may choose to respond directly if it is a private matter.

When creating a letter to submit for Council's consideration, please include your daytime contact information. 

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