Neighbourhood Traffic Programs

Neighbourhood Traffic Calming Program

Neighbourhood traffic issues such as high traffic volumes, shortcuts and speeding are a growing concern for many residents. Maple Ridge is committed to providing effective and successful traffic management plans for its neighbourhoods and has chosen a comprehensive strategy to addressing neighbourhood traffic management through a Traffic Calming Policy.  

The Traffic Calming Policy supports educational enforcement and some physical measures to address traffic issues. The program focus is to improve neighbourhood safety, comfort and livability while maintaining necessary levels of traffic circulation and emergency access. It encompasses a broad array of traffic education, enforcement and engineering techniques to slow and disperse or reroute traffic.

View the Traffic Calming Policy 2019 Update (PDF), which is endorsed by Council.

View the City's Traffic Calming Policy, Policy No: 9.07 (PDF).

Traffic Calming Request Form (PDF)

Neighbourhood Traffic Safety Campaign

The Neighbourhood Traffic Safety Campaign (PDF) is a neighbourhood program established by residents to inform motorists that driving fast is not acceptable on their local neighbourhood street. Residents on a block must agree to post lawn signs calling for motorists to slow down. These sign messages are considered as an awareness and educational tool for all motorists as well as local residents.

In order to achieve a strong neighbourhood impact, it is recommended that the signs be placed on every second property within a block for a period of one to two weeks. The copious number of signs and the short period in which the signs are installed achieve an immediate impact.