Property Tax Prepayments

Ways to Prepay Taxes:

  • PAWS - Pre-Authorized Withdrawal program (we set up)
  • Online banking payments (you set up)

Comparison of the PAWS Program VS Making Online Banking Prepayments

  PAWS Program Online Banking Prepayments
Requires Application / Void Cheque to Start Yes No
Frequency of Payments Once a month As often as you want
Payment Dates 5th of the month Any date
Changing the Amount or Bank Account Request must be submitted 15 business days before next withdrawal Up until your bank's cut off date / time for changes, contact your bank if needed
Payment in June No Yes, if you want
Payment in July

No (Unless signed up for the "Due Date" feature which will withdraw any remaining balance stated on the Tax Notice)

Yes, if you want
Cancelling Payments (Selling the Property or Other Reason) Request must be submitted 15 business days before the next withdrawal

Up until your bank's cut off date / time for cancels, contact your bank if needed
Returned Payment $25 Service Charge If funds are not available, your bank will not process the payment

General Information For All Property Tax Prepayments

  • Set up prepayments any time of the year
  • Amount is up to you (let us know if you need help with an estimate)
  • Total prepayments are itemized as "Prepayments/Adjustments"
    • Subtracted from the final total outstanding on the Tax Notice
  • Interest is earned on any credits on the account
    • Itemized as "Interest Earned on Prepayments" on the Tax Notice
    • Subtracted from the final total outstanding on the Tax Notice
  • No receipts will be sent to you. To check your balance:
    • Create a MyCity Account and link it to your property tax account
    • Call us at 604-467-7336
    • Email us at
    • Review your bank statements, bank receipts, or cancelled cheques as applicable
  • If there is an outstanding balance left, you are responsible to pay on or before the due date to avoid penalty (unless signed up for the Tax Due Date Feature in our PAWS program) 
  • Home Owner Grants still need to be claimed every year (if eligible)
  • Overpayments are non-refundable and will be applied to the next year's taxes
  • If you sell your property, remember to cancel your payments before the completion date
    • Any credits on accounts must be included in the property transfer document "Statement of Adjustments"
    • Ask your lawyer / notary for further information

Online Banking Pre-Payments

  • Much more flexibility available in comparison to the PAWS program
  • Set it up as a recurring bill payment OR make multiple one time payments throughout the year
  • For further instructions on how to add us as a payee, see Online Banking on our Payment Options page

PAWS Program

  • 10 month program (August to May - 10 payments)
  • Withdrawal is on the 5th day of each month
  • No regular withdrawals in June or July
  • Optional July withdrawal - Due Date Feature to withdraw any remaining balance
  • Sign up any time of the year - keep in mind how many monthly payments you will have to go towards the next tax year
  • Program will automatically continue until cancellation is requested in writing
  • Payments not honoured by the applicant's financial institution are subject to a $25 Service Charge
  • 3 returned payments may result in your withdrawals being cancelled
  • Taxpayers selling their homes and enrolled in PAWS are responsible for canceling PAWS

PAWS Optional Features

1. Annual Recalculation: Your monthly payments will automatically change for the next tax year based on the taxes for the current year plus an estimated increase minus the Home Owner Grant (if eligible).
- For example, below your Total Taxes Due, your Tax Notice will state:  
Prepayments for your property taxes will change from $150.00 to $165.00 effective Aug 5, 2023. 
Please contact the Tax Department at 604-467-7336 or to cancel or change this amount.

2. Annual Debit on Tax Due Date: On the day taxes are due, we will withdraw the amount owing in the column you have designated for us to pay.
- For example, your Tax Notice will state:
The final payment for your 2024 taxes is $145.95 and will be withdrawn from your bank account on July 2, 2023. 
This payment is based on your continued eligibility for the Basic Home Owner Grant. Notify us immediately if your eligibility has changed.

Sign Up for PAWS

Cancel / Change Your PAWS

  • Tax Pre-Authorized Withdrawal Amendment Form
  • Cancel or change requests must be received at least 15 business days prior to the next withdrawal date (see our PAWS Withdrawal Cut Off Schedule below) 
  • If you are selling your property and it is past 15 business days for the withdrawal date you need cancelled, call immediately (604-467-7336)

Submit Your PAWS Application / Change / Cancel Request:

  • Mail or In Person - 11995 Haney Place Maple Ridge, BC  V2X 6A9
  • Drop Box - outside City Hall (available 24/7) 
  • Email 
    Note: When you send an email to this address, you will receive an automatic reply email. We will also send another email to confirm we received the request. If you do not hear back from us after a couple business days or if it's near a cut off date, please call (604-467-7316) or email again to confirm that we have received your request and that it will be processed.