Hammond Road Multi-Use Path

The Hammond Road Multi-Use Path project will upgrade the active transportation facilities on Hammond Road between the Maple Meadows West Coast Express station and 203 Street. The improvements will provide a safe and accessible corridor for pedestrians and cyclists while addressing stormwater concerns and protecting fish and riparian habitats.

Project Description

The existing roadway only has gravel shoulders and does not provide a safe or comfortable experience for pedestrians and cyclists travelling along this stretch of Hammond Road.

The project will provide:

  • Multi-use path on the north side of the road (3 m wide)
  • Paved path linking Hammond Road to 203 Street at Thorne Avenue
  • Curb and gutter to manage stormwater runoff and create separation from vehicles
  • Street/pathway lighting
  • Pedestrian-activated crossing at the Maple Meadows West Coast Express station
  • Improved bus stops
  • Dedicated parking in front of residential properties
  • New street trees

Wedler Engineering LLP has been retained to design the project. B.A. Blacktop Infrastructure Inc. has been retained to construct the project. Construction is underway and the project is anticipated to complete by the end of the year. 

There will be impacts to on-street parking in the construction area and single-lane alternating traffic will be in effect; we thank you for your patience and understanding.

Location Overview

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Hammond Road Multi-Use Path West

Hammond Road Multi-Use Path West Opens in new window

Hammond Road Multi-Use Path East

Hammond Road Multi-Use Path East Opens in new window

What Will this Project Achieve?

Healthier Travel Options that are Better for the Environment

The multi-use path for walking and cycling will eventually link to a complete network from the Maple Meadows West Coast Express station to downtown Maple Ridge, Silver Valley and further east.

The multi-use path will provide cycling facilities that are separated from traffic. 

The pedestrian-activated crossing will provide access to TransLink’s recently constructed bike parkade. The bike parkade is a secure location for storing bicycles, allowing users to commute by cycle and train in the same trip.

The project’s upgrades will improve fish and riparian habitats along the corridor as well as manage stormwater.

Improved Neighbourhood Access

The new multi-use path will provide easier and safer access to parks, schools, recreation, rapid transit, shopping, restaurants and other amenities. Improvements will include street/pathway lighting, dedicated on-street parking for residents and bus stop improvements.


For any questions or concerns regarding the project, please contact the project manager, Bradley Romeo, at 604-467-7429.