Council Strategic Plan


Council Strategic Plan?

The Council Strategic Plan identifies the collective focus and priorities for each Maple Ridge City Council to guide City decision-making and activities during their term. The Plan provides a Mission, Vision and Core Values to guide the overall approach, and sets out Strategic Priorities with related Strategic Goals.

Staff develops Business Plans based on the Strategic Priorities and Strategic Goals and provides periodic progress reports to Council. The Council Strategic Plan is reviewed and updated as needed over the term, based on emerging priorities and needs. 

Based on the Council Strategic Plan, the City developed a set of targets known as Objectives and Key Results (OKR), which enable the organization to deliver on the Strategic Priorities with clear outcomes and timelines. 

The OKR framework is guiding the development of the City’s proposed 2024 strategic work plan and five-year Financial Plan.

View the Strategic Priority Objectives and Key Results (PDF) HERE


Key Plan Components

The 2023-2026 Council Strategic Plan include a Mission, Vision, Values, and Priorities. 

Mission Statement

We strive for excellence  as we deliver vital municipal services with innovation, accountability and efficiency to meet the needs of the community now and into  the future. 

Vision Statement

Maple Ridge has unparalleled access to nature and is as distinct as its neighbourhoods. We don’t fit a mould. We are authentic, bold, adventurous and ambitious about our future.

Core Values

  • Excellence | We are driven to exceed expectations.
  • Integrity | We lead with honesty, fairness, and transparency, with our community’s interests at heart.
  • Innovation | We encourage and support a culture of continuous improvement, embracing risk while cultivating new ideas, methods, and processes to deliver our services.
  • Leadership | We inspire and empower everyone to be engaged and to champion building a better community.
  • Equity, Diversity & Inclusiveness | We embed equity, inclusion, dignity and respect for all in our service delivery, to inform our decision-making and actions. We share in the responsibility to create a positive, diverse culture to honour our differences.
  • Strong Relationships | Relationships are at the core of all of our work. We strive to build and enhance strong, trusted relationships with our community, other governments and agencies, Indigenous partners and other key groups for improved information-sharing, collaboration, and service-delivery.



  • Liveable Community | We continue to build Maple Ridge into a liveable community that meets the needs of our diverse residents, businesses and other stakeholders through community planning, transportation and infrastructure services that benefit and strengthen our City today and in the future.
  • Climate Leadership & Environmental Stewardship | Climate change poses a tremendous risk to current and future generations. As stewards of our environmental assets, we value our natural infrastructure and seek to leverage its benefits to reduce our climate impact. We actively plan to mitigate and adapt to the impacts of climate change as our community grows, pursue the growth of green industries, and adopt promising practices and innovation.
  • Engaged, Healthy Community | We provide dynamic public spaces for our residents to engage with their community and maintain an active lifestyle. Our citizens are proud to be from Maple Ridge and celebrate our history and culture. Residents feel safe and supported by their community and municipal services.
  • Diversified, Thriving Economy | Our local economy is as diverse and vibrant as our community. We attract business investment to balance our tax base and provide employment opportunities across different sectors and our businesses are supported in their growth and innovation goals. Our community is a destination for seekers of arts, culture and outdoor adventure.
  • Governance & Corporate Excellence | Responsive and accessible government is paramount to building public trust. We build that trust through the City’s communications, transparent engagement and customer-centric service experiences. We honour our service to our community through prudent financial management, effective public policy and transparent decision-making.