Maple Ridge Community Mosaic


"Maple Ridge Community Mosaic" by Rebecca Bayer and David Gregory

Completed January 2020

Hand painted ceramic tiles made from recycled glass powder mixed with clay
Located in the Maple Ridge Leisure Centre at the Lobby (8’ x 1’7”), Gathering Space (8’ x 32’24”) and Pool Deck (8’ x 20’5”)
Maple Ridge Public Art Collection

Completed in January 2020, the “Maple Ridge Community Mosaic” celebrates the Leisure Centre as an important social hub. This work was commissioned by the City of Maple Ridge through its Public Art Program and Steering Committee. Artists Rebecca Bayer and David Gregory worked with students and community members at artist-run workshops and combined hundreds of patterns to create a vibrant representation of the interconnections between people and place in our community. This unique artwork signifies community, togetherness and the interdependence of parts within a whole.  

The “Maple Ridge Community Mosaic” was designed for three locations spanning 410 square feet within the Leisure Centre. Overall, more than 14,000 custom-made triangular ceramic tiles using recycled glass powder mixed with clay were used to create the mosaics. Even the colours are unique to Maple Ridge – a palette of twelve custom colours was developed based on photographs of our community’s landscape submitted by residents.

In cultures all around the world, patterned tiles and geometric patterns are used in public spaces to indicate use, provide way-finding, add beauty, encourage social interaction and inspire thoughts. The “Maple Ridge Community Mosaic” is arranged within a grid of equilateral triangles. Symbolically, triangles represent the strongest natural shape. The Mosaic is a colourful and complex artwork that creates a unique landmark that can be experienced in a variety of ways and intuitively locates visitors within the building.
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About the Artists

Spacemakeplace Design is the art and design studio of Rebecca Bayer and David Gregory. Their site-specific work is inspired by elemental and organic themes that embrace community and advocate inclusiveness. Enhancing the tactile and emotional relationship the public has with the urban environment is a recurring theme in their work. 

Rebecca studied Architecture at the University of British Columbia and Fine Art at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design. David studied Fine Art at Emily Carr University of Art and Design. Rebecca currently teaches art, design, and interdisciplinary studies at ECUAD.