Tax Notice Explained

2021 Property Tax Notice - Back Page

Updated April 29 2021

The back page of the 2021 Property Tax Notice has a lot of important information, but we know the small font can make it hard to read. This is the same information in a size that is easier on the eyes.


2021 Property Tax Notice - Back Page.PDF

Features of the Property Tax Notice

Title - includes the year the Tax Notice is applicable.

MORTGAGE CO. message - is present if a mortgage company has requested to have a copy of the Tax Notice when it is available, in order to pay the taxes on the owners behalf. Please note: if there is a sale of the home and/or changes to your mortgage, the information may be inaccurate.

Owner Name and Mailing Address - Each person on title will get the same copy of the property notice. It is up to the owners to decide who will pay, or how much each person will pay. If 2 owners have the same mailing address, only one Tax Notice will be printed with both their names on it. There can only be a maximum of 2 owners listed on the one property tax notice. If there are more than 2 owners at the same mailing address, multiple copies will be printed and mailed to the same address.  If the name or names are incorrect please contact Land Titles. If the mailing address needs to be corrected or changed, visit BC Assessment Website to change the mailing address.

Legal Description - is a description of the property set by Land Titles.

Assessment Values - The values are from BC Assessment. For more information or to dispute this figure, contact BC Assessment.

Folio Number/roll number - is assigned by the municipality and is a unique number set to each property. It is the account number to use when making any payments. It is also required to claim an electronic Home Owner Grant or link the property to a Mycity account.

Access - is the access code used to claim the electronic Home Owner Grant or to link a property to a Mycity account.

Property/civic Address - The address of the property used by the post office.

PID - (Parcel Identifier Number)  - The number assigned to the property by Land Titles and used by Service BC.

Rates - This is identifying the column. Each of the values underneath ’Rates’ is the multiplier (divided by 1000) times the assessment value resulting in each charge beside, in Columns A, B & C.

Column A - (No Grant) - This column is the sum to pay if none of the homeowners are eligible for a homeowner grant.

Column B - (Basic Grant) - This column is the sum to pay if at least one of the homeowners on title are eligible for the basic grant. The grant must be claimed on or before the due date in order to pay this amount.

Column C - (Additional Grant) - This column is the sum to pay if at least one homeowner on title is eligible for the additional (senior) grant. The grant must be claimed on or before the due date in order to pay this amount.


 Total School Taxes, Total Other Government Taxes - These charges are collected by the municipality but directly paid to the province and other agencies.

Total Municipal Taxes - These funds go to the City of Maple Ridge.

The sum of the ’rates" of Total Municipal Taxes, Total School Taxes, & Total Other Government Taxes equals the ’mill rate’.

Total Utility Services - These are flat rate fees collected for water, blue box and sewer service for the year. These may or may not be charged depending on the property and the services provided. This sub total is the amount that needs to be paid to the City (as well as any penalties or previous taxes) in order to defer taxes.

Total Current Year Taxes - This is the sum collected in total for the property for the year.

Tax Prepayments/Adjustments - This is the total sum of any prepayments made through out the year up until approximately 2 weeks before the tax notice is printed. 

Interest Earned - This is the total sum of interest earned and paid to you by the City for the prepayments.

Total Taxes Due - This is the amount left to pay on the due date, less any interest and prepayments plus any arrears or delinquent taxes.

PAWS Auto Recalculation - If you are on the PAWS prepayment program and you have signed up for recalculation, there will be the statement 

 "Prepayments for your property taxes will change from $XXX.XX to $XXX.XX effective (Date). Please contact the Tax Department at 604-467-7316 or to cancel or change this amount.

PAWS Due Date - If you are on the PAWS prepayment due date plan, there will be the statement - 

"The final payment for your (year) taxes is $XXX.XX and will be withdrawn from your bank account on (Date). This payment is based on your ineligibility for the Home Owner Grant. Please notify us immediately if your home owner grant eligibility has changed."

Colored Strip (above the perforation) Final Totals  - shows link address to claim the electronic home owner grant.  Shows the final totals for each of the columns due on the due date, same as the Total Taxes Due but larger print.