Heritage Inventory

Listing a property, natural feature, landscape, etc. on the Heritage Resources of Maple Ridge (aka Heritage Inventory) does not provide any legal protection for the heritage resource. However, the Heritage Inventory does provide a valuable planning tool that helps identify candidates for more formal listings, protection, or recognition through:
  • Additions to the Maple Ridge Community Heritage Register;
  • A negotiated Heritage Revitalization Agreement;
  • A Municipal Heritage Designation;
  • Celebration of heritage resources through the Heritage Commission's annual heritage awards event, quarterly newsletter, or other celebratory opportunities as they arise.

The Heritage Resources of Maple Ridge 2018

The Maple Ridge Community Heritage Commission recently completed an update to the Heritage Inventory.  The 2018 Heritage Inventory (PDF) is an updated version of the 1998 Heritage Resources that provides a consolidated inventory of the City's resources. The open house display panels (PDF) are available for viewing

The Heritage Resources of Maple Ridge (1998)

 In 1998, the Community Heritage Commission (then the Heritage Advisory Committee) published a comprehensive heritage inventory entitled "The Heritage Resources of Maple Ridge" in conjunction with the City. This document provided the first consolidated inventory of the City's heritage resources.

Photocopied versions of the document are also available in the Planning Department. The inventory was prepared for the City by Donald Luxton and Associates.