Who To Call

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Here is a centralized resource list of agencies to address your concerns in the community.

COVID-19 Related Calls for Service:

Non-Compliance of Businesses to Health Orders

Dr. Henry continues to update Public Health Orders to address the current impacts of COVID-19. If you have concerns about a violation of a Public Health Order please contact the Fraser Health Authority at 604-587-3936 or email hpmapleridge@fraserhealth.ca. Fraser health is the lead agency for these complaints.

Non-COVID-19 Related Calls for Service

Urgent Life Safety Emergencies

If you have an urgent emergency that requires police, fire or ambulance, please dial 9-1-1

City Hall Front Desk

If you have any general enquiries or not sure who is best suited to field your question, comment or complaint, contact the front desk and a member of our staff will direct you to the appropriate department.
Tel: 604-463-5221
After Hours Tel: 604-463-9581
Fax: 604-467-7329
Email: enquiries@mapleridge.ca

Ridge Meadows RCMP Police Services

Do you have a non-emergency issue that requires the assistance of our local RCMP detachment? Contact our Ridge Meadows Police Services and they will be able to assist you.
Non-Emergency Tel: 604-463-6251
Fax: 604-467-7633
Email: rm.inquiries@rcmp-grc.gc.ca
Report a crime online

Maple Ridge Fire & Rescue

Do you have questions about fire bans, fire inspections or other issues regarding Fire and Rescue that you were unable to find at here. Please contact Maple Ridge Fire & Rescue using the following methods:
Non-Emergency Tel: 604-463-5880
Fax: 604-476-3069
Email: fire@mapleridge.ca

Licenses & Bylaws

Do you have any enquiries regarding licensing or bylaws in Maple Ridge? Contact our Licensing & Bylaws Department.
Tel: 604-467-7305
Fax: 604-467-7445
Email: licencesandbylaws@mapleridge.ca
Submit a complaint online

Business Licensing
Tel: 604-467-7440
Fax: 604-467-7445
Email: licencesandbylaws@mapleridge.ca

Dog Licensing
Tel: 604-467-7384
Fax: 604-467-7445

Email: licencesandbylaws@mapleridge.ca

Public Works

Did you notice some City infrastructure that needs some repair, like a pothole or burnt out streetlight, and would like to submit a work order? Or maybe you have questions about some comments or questions about work already underway? Get in contact with our Public Works Department.
24-hour Dispatch: 604-463-9581
Email: operationscentre@mapleridge.ca

General Information

These are extraordinary times that we are all dealing with and there is a heightened anxiety in the community as we all work together to get through the COVID-19 health emergency. The vast majority of people are working together to follow Dr. Henry’s Public Health Orders which is why those who are not doing the right things stand out.

It is frustrating when an adult removes the caution tape at a park or jumps a fence on to a closed field. When someone has their dog off a leash on their nightly walk or a group of kids gather at a local park it’s easy for this to become the moment when your anxiety bubbles over into anger. We hear you and we are responding to these incidents as quickly as we can.

All front line staff are prioritizing their work to address the most immediate life safety issues. Your patience is appreciated.

Don’t let this frustration stop you from the things that you and your family are doing to flatten the curve. We are in this together. All of these agencies are working hard to keep our community safe and educate everyone on the ‘new normal.’ As Dr. Henry says – be kind, be calm and stay safe.