Hammond Heritage Character Area

*The process has finished*

What is the Hammond Heritage Character Area process?

It is a community engagement process to explore potential legislative and regulatory tools for conserving the heritage character in Hammond.

What is the Hammond Heritage Character Area?

The Hammond Historic Character Area is an area that contains the highest concentration of heritage features within the original Port Hammond Junction Township plan boundaries (see the map below for the area boundaries). The properties identified as “contributing to the Neighbourhood Character” are from the study entitled “Hammond Historic Character Area”. Further review is required prior to implementation of any regulations.

To review the entire Heritage Inventory of Heritage Resources of Maple Ridge, click here.

Why is the City doing this?

Throughout the Hammond Area Plan process, the predominant message heard from the community was the desire to retain the neighbourhood’s heritage character. As a result of the community feedback received during the Hammond Area Plan consultation, Policy 3-4 was created with a commitment to come back to the community to explore potential legislation and regulatory tools for conservation of the Heritage Character Area.

The Hammond Heritage Character Area Discussion Paper was also developed to explore realistic and effective heritage incentives as well as regulations and heritage procedures that will promote the conservation of heritage resources in the historic community of Hammond. This Discussion Paper also explores community benefits and impacts of heritage designation on property value.

What are the options to conserve the Hammond Heritage Character Area?

There are a number of ways the heritage character in Hammond can be retained over time. Examples of conservation options are:
  • Heritage Conservation Area Bylaw
  • Heritage Zone adopted into the Zoning Bylaw
  • Incentives to protect heritage character (tax exemptions, grants for conservation work)
We want to hear what the property owners and community have to say about protecting Hammond’s heritage character and whether there is a desire for adopting one of the above options, combining two of them, or implementing all three.

If you want to learn more about each of these options, see the Frequently Asked Questions at the bottom of the page and take the fun quiz
"Is There a Heritage Conservation Tool that is Right for the Hammond Heritage Character Area?" by clicking HERE. By answering a series of questions about your neighbourhood goals, the quiz will tell you if and what heritage conservation tool might help you achieve your neighbourhood goals in the the Hammond Heritage Character Area. 

Why is only this part of Hammond being included?

This part of Hammond, known as “Upper Hammond”, is one of the oldest neighbourhoods in Maple Ridge. It was established as a township in 1883 and grew into a prosperous community that included a train station, a mill, and a commercial centre. Much of the character from Hammond’s early days still remains, including existing buildings, architectural style, road patterns, trees and vegetation. To learn more about the Port Hammond area, feel free to visit the Maple Ridge Museum’s website by clicking here.

Where are we in the process?

The process has finished. 

On July 13, 2021 an outcomes report was presented to Council. The report can be found HERE. To watch Council Workshop, click HERE - staff presentation begins at 1:70:00.

Are you a property owner in the Hammond Heritage Character Area? We want to hear from you!

Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts! If you any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Krista Gowan either by email: kgowan@mapleridge.ca or by phone: 604-467-7402.

Work To-Date

On July 13, 2021 an outcomes report was presented to Council, which concluded the process. The report can be found HERE. To watch Council Workshop, click HERE - staff presentation begins at 1:70:00.

On May 19, 2021, there was a second workshop for property owners with the Hammond Heritage Character Area. The slide from the workshop can be found HERE. A pre-recording of the presentation given at the workshop can be found HERE. The recording is around 20 minutes and doe not include any polls or discussion during the workshop.

On March 11, 2021, there was a workshop for the property owners within the Hammond Heritage Character Area. The slides from the workshop can be found HERE. A pre-recording of the presentation given at the workshop can be found HERE. The recording is around 14 minutes and does not include any polls or discussion during the workshop.

On November 7, 2017, Council endorsed the Hammond Heritage Character Area-Community Consultation Process, which included Property Owner workshops and a Public Open House. November 7, 2017 staff report is available here.

On January 24, 2017, Council adopted the Hammond Area Plan as part of the City’s Official Community Plan. During the process, a technical study entitled “Hammond Historic Character Area” was undertaken to identify one or more neighbourhood areas containing the greatest concentration of heritage character. Hammond Historic Character Area Study report is available here.

Have Questions?

If you have any questions, staff are available by phone and email to answer your questions, as well to meet in-person at City Hall by appointment only.

Staff contact: Krista Gowan
Email: kgowan@mapleridge.ca
Phone: 604-467-7402