Maple Ridge is Transit Ready!


With the Maple Ridge Moves transportation plan, the City is taking action to expand our road infrastructure and make room for more public transit as our population grows. We’re planning ahead to build a strong economy, improve access to affordable housing and preserve the quality of life that makes Maple Ridge so special. 

TransLink has identified two routes for Bus Rapid Transit that will provide our residents with convenient connections to commuter rail and the region’s Skytrain network. By moving forward with the Maple Ridge Moves plan, we will be ready to welcome these new rapid transit services.

Our community needs funding from the Federal and Provincial governments so we can make it easier for residents to get around and economic activity to flow. 


Maple Ridge is growing at more than twice the rate of Canada’s population. By 2040, the number of people living in our community is expected to grow by 23 per cent.


As the heart of the Lower Mainland, Maple Ridge is a critical thoroughfare to move people and goods throughout the region. The Maple Ridge Moves plan will open up industrial lands and roadways to and from our region’s busy ports. 


By bringing new transit services to our community, we can reduce GHG emissions to help meet climate action targets. Maple Ridge Moves will also open access to nature, improving routes to Golden Ears Park, the most visited provincial park in BC.


Maple Ridge Moves is a series of smart, sustainable transportation projects to keep people and goods moving within Maple Ridge and throughout the Lower Mainland. 


The plan will:

  • Enable the introduction of two new Bus Rapid Transit Lines – new traffic-separated dedicated bus routes linking the city centre to regional commuter rail in Coquitlam and Langley City.
  • Enhance Golden Ears Way – unlocking a bottleneck on a critical route for the movement of goods and people in and out of the Lower Mainland region.
  • Expand Abernethy Way – opening a major route to the City’s industrial lands and a direct link to Golden Ears Park, the most heavily used provincial park in British Columbia.
  • Build Silver Valley Bridge – connecting to a growing community of 11,000 residents and improving the route to Golden Ears Park.

Read more about the support we need from other levels of government. 

We’re Ready for More Transit

Maple Ridge is ready to be the first city in the region to welcome Bus Rapid Transit (BRT), a new technology in TransLink’s new 10-year expansion plan Access for Everyone

The road improvements in the Maple Ridge Moves plan will divert traffic from the BRT route, ensuring transit users have access to faster and more frequent buses, and drivers can get where they need to go.  This all contributes to cleaner air and lower GHG emissions – helping to meet federal and provincial climate targets.


The City of Maple Ridge needs the Provincial and Federal governments to partner with us to invest in the Maple Ridge Moves plan and secure the future of this thriving community. 

The first phase of the plan is already underway and the City has committed partial funding for the second phase. With matching funds from the Provincial and Federal governments, we can move forward with the next phase of construction in 2024.