LEAD Maple Ridge Goals & Principles

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LEAD Maple Ridge Goals & Principles

LEAD Maple Ridge Guiding Principles


The City provides clear, timely, complete information and communication to ensure decision processes, procedures and constraints support the community to understand when, how, why and to what extent they will be engaged. This means ensuring clear communication between the City and residents; that relevant background and context are provided; and being clear about the role of input in the decision-making process. 


The City makes its best efforts to reach and listen to impacted and interested residents and stakeholders.     This means creating safe, respectful spaces for divergent perspectives in the City to listen and learn about each other’s views, plans, concerns, and expectations.


The City is committed to ensuring results and outcomes of engagement processes are assessed, and consistent with approved plans and initiatives delivered in the City.  

LEAD Maple Ridge Public Consultation Goals

To ensure a transparent roll out of engagement and communication processes to build awareness about City LEAD and CSSI initiatives to date; identify residents public safety issues and concerns, and what else they would like to see in the Community Social Safety Strategy.