Ongoing Planning Projects

The Planning Department is responsible for policies and development applications regarding land use. This responsibility translates into rezonings, development permits, watercourse protection permits, and projects such as: area plans, cannabis regulations, environmental strategies, heritage designations, and agricultural uses on land. There are many ways to get involved and stay informed. For all processes and applications, the Planning Department values your feedback and input!

Get Involved

The current processes below are open for you to contribute your ideas and feedback on projects important to you! We invite you to join the conversation and share your thoughts.

  1. RS-1 Infill Compatibility Framework

What is RS-1 Zoning?

All land has a zoning classification, which corresponds with the uses and building regulations permitted on the property. The RS-1 zone is a residential zone that allows a primary use of a single detached home and a secondary use, such as a detached garden suite or secondary suite, and workshop/shed/detached garage. The RS-1 zone has a minimum lot size of 668 m2 (7,190 ft2) and was a widely used zone after World War II through to the early 2000’s for development of urban single detached houses. Today, the RS-1 zone minimum lot size is considered quite sizable for a single detached housing form and is one of the largest urban single detached zones in the City’s Zoning Bylaw.

What is the Purpose of the Infill Development Options Work?

Through this review, the Planning Department is exploring three changes to the RS-1 Single Detached Residential Zone:

  • Accelerated approval process for duplexes 
  • Accelerated approval process for 371 m2/4,000 ftlots
  • Setting a maximum buildable area for brand new home
  •   construction on RS-1 zoned lots

Where can I find more information?

For more information on this project, past council reports, and virtual presentations, please visit:

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Learn About Ongoing Projects

Below are some ongoing projects being undertaken by the Planning Department. Although, the processes below are closed for feedback, we invite you learn about the projects and check back frequently for updates.  

  1. Albion Flats Area Plan

Albion Flat Area Plan Process 

The Albion Flats have been the subject of various concept planning efforts over the years. On October 5, 2015, Council endorsed a renewed planning process to complete a revised land use concept plan and Albion Flats Area Plan Bylaw. It was proposed to revisit the 2010 charrette outcomes and community stakeholder input as the basis for identifying preferred land uses and moving forward to complete an Area Plan Bylaw. The Albion Flats Area Planning process was proposed to have four phases. A description of each phase is outlined below.

On November 12, 2019, Council endorsed a concept plan for the Albion Flats that includes flexible opportunities for residential units above ground floor commercial, and a mixed-use commercial node located close to 240 Street to provide better proximity to the existing Albion neighbourhood. The City is currently in Phase 3 of the planning process - Agricultural Land Reserve Exclusion. 

To read more about the process, click HERE.

  1. Green Infrastructure 
  1. Heritage Plan Review & Update
  1. Lougheed Transit Area Plan
  1. Port Haney Land Use Policy Review
  1. North/East Albion Area Plan
  1. Yennadon Area Plan

Public Hearing & Development Applications

Public Hearings happen once a month and are held on the third Tuesday of the month at 7:00pm. The Public Hearing agenda package is posted HEREYou can share your opinions and concerns regarding a development application or project at a Public Hearing meeting or though email or letter to Council.  

You can attend Public Hearing by following the instructions HERE or you can share your views by emailing  before noon the day of Public Hearing. 

For more information on the ways you can share your perspective and concerns, click HERE To take part in the Public Hearing process, it is helpful to know the application File Number and any associated Bylaw Numbers, which can be found in the Public Hearing agenda package and the Development Application Viewer by clicking HERE.