Tenant Relocation Policies

On March 6, 2018, Council adopted a new Council Policy entitled Tenant Relocation Assistance Policy, in a proactive effort to minimize impacts to local renters that may result from the redevelopment of an existing rental building in Maple Ridge. The policy establishes a set of requirements for future applicants proposing to redevelop existing purpose built rental housing to provide assistance to any displaced tenants through their rezoning application, heritage revitalization agreement, an application for the strata conversion of a previously occupied building, or where a Housing Agreement is already in place. At the same meeting, Council also adopted amendments to the Modular Home Park Redevelopment Assistance Policy.

  • The Tenant Relocation Assistance Policy 6.32 was adopted on March 6, 2018 and is available HERE.
  •  The Modular Home Park Redevelopment Tenant Assistance Policy (No. 6.27) was amended and adopted on March 6, 2018 and is available HERE.
  • The March 6, 2018 staff report is available HERE.

Why did we do this?

The City of Maple Ridge's Housing Action Plan outlines priority issues including the need for market and affordable rental housing, recognizing that the existing rental housing stock in Maple Ridge is aging and the demand for rental housing is increasing. The Plan’s Strategies #7 and #8 to Maintain Rental Housing Standards and Minimize Loss of Existing Rental Housing, indicates that the City is aware of the challenges of maintaining older rental stock and the possibility of tenant displacement through redevelopment. 

Out of a concern for retaining purpose-built market rental housing, Council expressed interest in developing a policy to ensure tenants in rental buildings impacted by demolition and redevelopment are adequately notified, compensated, and assisted in finding housing. In January 2017, Council directed staff  to prepare a tenant relocation assistance policy for rezoning applications in order to reduce the impact of rental redevelopment on current tenants, where applicable. 

Looking for More Information?
Please feel free to contact the Planning Department by emailing the department or by phone at 604-467-7341 at any time with questions or comments about Secondary Suites or the Accessory Dwelling Unit Review.