Re-designation of Cliff Ave Properties

A Official Community Plan Amending Bylaw No. 7828-2022, to redesignate 11758 221 Street, and 22119, 22127, 22137, 22147, 22155, 22165 and 22173 Cliff Avenue from Single-Family Residential to Low Rise Apartment, and 22173 Cliff Avenue from Single-Family Residential to Town Centre Commercial has been presented to Council for First Reading.

Council considered the amending bylaw on March 1, 2022 at Committee of the Whole Meeting. To read the report click HERE

At this Committee of the Whole Meeting Council meeting, Council asked points of clarification and decided to move the bylaw for consideration of first reading at the next Regular Council Meeting. The next Regular Council Meeting took place on Tuesday, March 8, 2022 at 7:00 pm.  To watch recordings of meetings, please click HERE

Below are two maps, click on the maps to enlarge the image. The first map shows the current land use for the Cliff Ave properties, which is Single-Family Residential. The second map shows the proposed land use, which is Low Rise Apartment and Town Centre Commercial.

Cliff Ave Current Land Uses Opens in new windowCliff Ave Proposed Land Uses Opens in new window

Fall 2023 Update

Through a public engagement process, participants will have the opportunity to share their initial thoughts on the proposed changes and long-term vision for the area. This feedback will be summarized and shared with Council before the Official Community Plan Amending Bylaw No. 7828-2022 is presented to Council for Second Reading. More information will be provided soon.

Re-designation of Selkirk Ave & 119 Ave Properties

At the March 8, 2022 Council Meeting, staff were directed to review the land use designations for the single-family designated properties along Selkirk Avenue and 119 Avenue to the north of the Cliff Avenue properties within the Town Centre Area Plan. As part of the public engagement process for the Cliff Avenue land use re-designations, preliminary feedback will also be collected for any proposed land use re-designations for the properties on Selkirk Avenue and 119 Avenue.

Selkirk and 119 Ave Current Land Uses Opens in new window

Why is the City doing this?

The Town Centre Area Plan (TCAP), which sets out the long range vision for an area, was adopted in 2008 with a vision for creating more density, mixed-uses, and green space, while creating a pedestrian-oriented environment. With this Plan in place, the Town Centre of Maple Ridge has been experiencing a significant amount of redevelopment and change over the past five to ten years. Maple Ridge Council has recognized this growth and wants to ensure that the evolution of the Town Centre continues to be positive and leads to greater vibrancy within this core part of the community. 

To the west of the TCAP boundary is the Lougheed Transit Corridor Area Plan (endorsed by Council on November 10, 2020 and granted first reading December 14, 2021), which reflects the community’s values for long range development within the Lougheed Corridor boundaries. Maple Ridge Council had identified that higher density residential opportunities at the interface of the Lougheed Transit Corridor Area and the TCAP warranted a closer look. 

As such, at the December 14, 2021 Council meeting, Council directed staff to review the land use of properties adjacent to the Lougheed Transit Corridor Area Plan to ensure appropriate transitional land uses are able to be considered. 

Have Questions?

If you have any questions or comments regarding the re-designation of the Cliff Avenue Properties, please contact Jeff White, Community Planner, at

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