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AftersKool at ACC

Update: August 25, 2023

Thank you to all who provided feedback in response to the email sent on August 24, informing registrants that AftersKool at ACC was cancelled due to low registration. Your feedback has not gone unnoticed, and we are excited to inform you about an extended registration opportunity until August 31, 2023, at 11:00 PM.

Initial Afterskool Program Cancellation: The program's initial cancellation was due to the failure to meet minimum registration requirements. These prerequisites ensure the maintenance of safe and affordable program operations.

Feedback Received by the City: Parents/guardians who had previously enrolled in Afterskool at ACC were notified about the cancellation on August 24. They contacted the City about the impact of this decision on their families. Additionally, other community members shared their intention to register, but had not yet had the opportunity.

City's Response:

  1. We've extended the Afterskool at ACC registration period until August 31 at 11:00 PM to enhance the likelihood of meeting the minimum registration criteria. If these criteria are fulfilled, the program will run as planned. In the event they are not met, Afterskool will operate solely throughout September (concluding on September 29). Registered families will be informed of any cancellation by September 1. This approach ensures parents/guardians have ample time to explore alternatives beyond September should the minimum registration threshold not be reached.
  2. As part of our commitment to offering stability and minimizing disruptions for registered families, we've revised the Afterskool at ACC refund policy. Cancellations with refunds will now necessitate a 30-day notice.
  3. Looking ahead, starting September 2023, the City of Maple Ridge Children’s Services will engage with the Albion neighborhood to explore the feasibility of launching a licensed recreation program or reimagining a registered afterschool program at Albion Community Centre.

Register for AftersKool at ACC: Parents/guardians can register for AftersKool at ACC by phone (604-467-7422) or online in the window below. Please note that registration for this program is done “per day” to allow the greatest possible flexibility for parents/guardians.

We extend our gratitude for your understanding and feedback.

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