McClure Drive Traffic Calming (240 Street to 245 Street)


The City would like to thank those who attended the Open House on Monday, June 5, to share their feedback on the draft traffic calming proposal for McClure Drive. 

In consideration of resident feedback from that Open House, the project has been deferred to the fall. 

In the interim, City staff will be working along McClure to address neighbourhood concerns related to speeding and vegetation impacts on sight lines. We will be:

  • Pruning street trees to improve visibility along the corridor 
  • Working with the police to increase enforcement including coordination with the neighbourhood speed watch program 
  • Improving visibility of road markings, including crosswalks


The City of Maple Ridge is working to address the concerns of residents living along McClure Drive with a traffic calming initiative. Traffic calming is a multi-stage process:

McClure Drive Timeline

A Traffic Calming Plan was developed based on input from the May 16, 2022 survey and a technical analysis of driver speeds, traffic volumes, pedestrian safety and roadway characteristics (driveways, curves, slopes, etc.). This plan was presented at an open house on January 27, 2023.

Based on input from the January 27 open house, the plan has been revised to include the installation of two permanent speed reader boards along the corridor and a raised intersection at the intersection of McClure Drive and Baker Drive. The revised plan was presented at an open house on June 5, 2023.

Property owners may share their feedback on the revised design by emailing

The final traffic calming plan will be mailed to property owners with a petition in June. If 66% of property owners support the plan, it will be added to the City’s capital plan for construction in future years.


For more information, please contact Mark Halpin, Manager of Transportation, at 604-467-7450.