City Projects

Strategic & Action Plans

The City of Maple Ridge has made a commitment to pursue policies and practices that encourage and promote sustainability in the community and in its corporate practices. This commitment is reflected in the Sustainability Action Plan (PDF). The document provides a framework for finding ways to balance human needs with nature's limited productivity. The City of Maple Ridge recognizes its important role in ensuring the sustainability of the community since it is responsible for many decisions that influence the community's impact on the planet including: managing land use, water, waste and other municipal services, as well as the infrastructure required to provide these services. The City of Maple Ridge, therefore, has significant jurisdiction over making changes that can support sustainability through both infrastructure and policy changes.

The City of Maple Ridge is making steps towards a stronger tomorrow by completing projects and initiatives that strengthen the sustainability of our community. In this section you will find some of the completed, ongoing and upcoming projects in our community. These projects have addressed various components of sustainability including economic, social and environmental issues.