Downtown Fire

Fire Response Overview

The Maple Ridge Fire and Rescue Service responded to the fire on Friday, June 9 at a five-storey building that was under construction on Brown Avenue on the 22500 block. 

The intensity of the fire at the construction site resulted in extensive damage to the apartment building to the north as well as three single family residences direct east and west of the construction site. In total, approximately 80 residential units were impacted by the fire displacing an estimated 200 residents. 

The fire response involved 50 firefighters and 12 apparatus including mutual aid from the City of Pitt Meadows and City of Mission Fire Services.

How to Donate and Help

The Maple Ridge Community Foundation has stepped forward to collect and distribute funds to directly support the people impacted by the downtown fire that took place on June 10, focusing on people who did not have insurance coverage to help them stabilize their housing as they recover from the fire. 

Cash donations can be made through their website at THE MAPLE RIDGE COMMUNITY FOUNDATION | Brown Street Fire Victims Campaign | Canadahelps

The Foundation is only accepting cash donations as this provides the best and most flexible support for the people displaced by the fire. The City and the Foundation are not accepting new and used goods for donations. 

Emergency Support Services

People who have not yet registered in person can do so by calling the City’s Emergency Support Services (ESS) partner, the Canadian Red Cross’s disaster assistance toll-free line at 1-888-800-6493 to identify that they have been impacted by the Maple Ridge fire. The operator will connect the caller with the appropriate ESS resources. 

Investigation Underway

The Maple Ridge Fire and Rescue Services in partnership with the Ridge Meadows RCMP have begun their investigation into the cause of the fire at the construction site. An update will be provided once the investigation is complete.

Debris Disposal & Impacts

The intense fire at the construction site resulted in debris being spread up to two kilometres north and west of the fire site. The City deployed a street sweeper on Saturday to remove debris off of the road network.

If people find debris on their private property, they are advised to ensuring that it is cool to touch, then bag the debris, using gloves, and dispose of it in their regular garbage.

Insurance Claims

If debris has caused damage to vehicles or private property, you are advised to reach out to ICBC or your private insurance company to report the damage and make a claim. 

If a claim number is required, please use: 

PD file number is RM23-11711

FD file number is 23-053196.  

Building Access

The evacuated building has been turned over to the property management company, Fraser Property Management, to begin their assessments and site remediation. Residents of the building should contact their strata manager if they have enquiries on accessing the building. The email for Fraser Property Management is