Corporate Energy Management Program

Energy consumption is costly. To reduce the environmental and financial costs associated with energy consumption, the City of Maple Ridge is actively looking for ways to decrease the amount of energy used corporately. Through a partnership with BC Hydro, the City of Maple Ridge has obtained additional resources to monitor consumption patterns, identify areas for improvement and implement energy reduction techniques.

The City of Maple Ridge Corporate Energy Management Program focuses on five areas.


Create and endorse the corporate energy policy. Encourage participation in energy conservation initiatives by providing opportunities for senior management to recognize and reward actions from individuals or teams that contribute toward established energy efficiency targets; as well as develop and enforce required processes and behaviours as set by the corporate energy policy.

Targets and Reporting

Set energy intensity parameters and consumption reduction targets for each key site or operating area that roll up to an overall annual reduction target.

Plans and Actions

Identify opportunities for energy savings associated with operations, maintenance and behavioral issues. Undertake projects determined by the best business case.

Teams and Committees

Establish protocols that require operations personnel to promptly troubleshoot identified energy intensity variations exceeding expectations or those differing significantly from previous comparable periods.

Employee Awareness Training

Provide technical training on energy management and specific operating procedures for operation and maintenance personnel and all other key staff.