Phase 2B: Abernethy Way from 224 Street to 230 Street

The City of Maple Ridge is moving to Phase 2B of the Abernethy Way Corridor Improvements project, which is the section from 224 Street to 230 Street. This work will provide a continuous four-lane cross-section from 224 Street to 230 Street and will tie into the recently completed Phase 2A. 

This project will provide:

  • Continuous four lane configuration from 210 Street through to 232 Street
  • Intersection improvements to accommodate the new lanes
  • A multi-use path connection from 210 Street to 232 Street
  • Drainage improvements along the new route
  • New street lights and street trees
  • Slope stabilization and privacy screens along the multi-use path as required

Project Timelines

The design for the new road layout is complete and the construction contract is anticipated to be tendered later this summer.

Construction work is expected to begin in October 2023 and complete at the beginning of 2025.

Project Impacts 

The project design may impact the current location of fencing and vegetation along the north side of the project area. 

There will be an inspection of the north side of the project to assess the condition of all existing features along the project perimeter. We will contact homeowners where we expect impacts to existing features.

View an overview of the project design.


Should you have any questions regarding this project, please contact the project manager, Azad Mustafa, at 604-467-7413.


Why is Abernethy Way being widened to four lanes?
Similar to Dewdney Trunk Road, Abernethy Way has long been identified as a key arterial corridor within the City. These important arterial roads are required to move high volumes of traffic at greater speeds throughout the municipality. Widening this section of Abernethy Way will improve the efficiency, reliability and safety of the corridor and provide for increased economic growth opportunities within the City.
Will this project affect my existing hedge or fence?
The majority of hedges and fences that are located on private property or on the property line will not be affected. The City will engage directly with residents whose hedges or fences may be affected, to coordinate removal and reinstatement.

Where fences and hedges are located in the City road right-of-way, the City will engage directly with residents to coordinate the removal and reinstatement of the fences and hedges onto private property.
What is the privacy screen shown in the design?The privacy screen is a cedar fence, similar to this:
Will the City provide sound walls to properties adjacent to the project?
Installation of sound walls is dictated by traffic volumes and vehicle speeds. Abernethy Way is an arterial road that does not have the traffic volumes and speeds that warrant installation of sound walls. Sound walls are typically reserved for the provincial highway network, which accommodates the highest traffic speeds and vehicle volumes.
How will the City address road noise for residents who live along the corridor?
Similar to Dewdney Trunk Road, Abernethy Way has long been identified as a key arterial corridor within the City. Arterial roads generate higher background noise levels than the local road network. 

Current traffic models predict Abernethy Way (between 224 Street and 232 Street) will experience fewer than 25,000 vehicles per day by the year 2050, whereas Dewdney Trunk Road and Lougheed Highway are both anticipated to have greater than 30,000 vehicles per day during the same timeframe.
What will happen to the grass boulevard and trees on the north side of Abernethy?
The current grass boulevard on the north side of Abernethy Way will be the site of the two new motor vehicle lanes. The alignment of the multi-use path will be relocated to the north of the new lanes, directly adjacent to private property.

Where there is sufficient width along the corridor, a new grass boulevard and street trees will be planted.
Will bus stops be affected?There are no bus stops on this section of Abernethy Way
Who can I contact with questions?The project manager is Azad Mustafa.
Phone: 604-467-7413
How will I know when construction will start?
The project webpage will be updated periodically as the project progresses. Check back often.

Construction notices will be distributed to property owners in the project area by the contractor prior to construction starting.