Urban Forest Management Strategy


Urban Forest Management Strategy (UFMS)

The City of Maple Ridge comprises a lively urban core surrounded by lush natural spaces including parks, wetlands, and farmland. Trees, other vegetation, soil and the associated processes in these areas form Maple Ridge's urban forest. 

The urban forest is a living asset, contributing to the quality of life by cleaning the air and water, shading and cooling streets and buildings, supporting biodiversity and providing habitat, offering high-value recreational opportunities, and supporting the local economy. 

However, Maple Ridge's urban forest faces growing stress from climate change impacts like drought, intense storm weather, pest and diseases. Additionally, accommodating urban growth for a growing population could lead to less desirable growing space for trees and challenge the Official Community Plan's tree retention policy.

To address these concerns, the City of Maple Ridge aims to create an Urban Forest Management Strategy. This strategy will provide a clear, long-term vision for urban forest growth and management over the next two decades. The UFMS will offer guidance for the short (5 years), medium (5-15 years), and long-term (15+ years), aligning with the city's strategic goals and relevant policies, including the Official Community Plan.

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Thank you to those who participated in our phase 1 survey in fall 2023 and our phase 2 survey that closed on March 24, 2024. To learn more about this project and the feedback we received, visit our UFMS Project Page on Engage Maple Ridge, the City's community engagement platform.