Randy Herman Community Safety Building

Opening in May 1990, the building originally served as a Provincial courthouse and was acquired by Maple Ridge in 2004. Renovations began in 2005 to accommodate a number of community safety related services such as community policing, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) auxiliary program, Bylaws department and the Ridge Meadows Youth Justice Advocacy Program. Over 180 volunteers involved in community safety initiatives are located out of this facility.

Improvement Highlights

The Randy Herman Community Safety Building renovation was designed and constructed under the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Commercial Interiors rating system. The building has a number of green building features in its achievement of LEED Silver Certification:
  • Energy Reduction Strategies - All T12 ballast and incandescent light fixtures were replaced with more energy efficient T8 or compact fluorescent fixtures. T8 lights use four times less energy than a T12
  • Healthy Building Materials - The carpet is made from recycled content and is Green Guard-certified. All paints and adhesives have low volatile organic compounds (VOCs). All new doors and millwork are made from wood that does not contain urea formaldehyde
  • Reusing Existing Materials - Of the doors and frames, 90% were reused; benches and millwork have been reused or refurbished. The resilient flooring in the RCMP gym is made from recycled tires and other rubbers. Of site waste, 92% was recycled
  • Water Reduction Strategies - Low-flow fixtures were installed in all new change rooms and washrooms. Water closets now use 4.0 litres per flush versus the standard 6.0 litres per flush. Faucets now use 1.9 litres per minute aerators versus the standard 8.3 litres per minute