Fleet Vehicles

E3 Fleet Program

As a charter member of the Fraser Basin Council's E3 (Energy, Environment, Excellence) Fleet Program, Maple Ridge has access to tools and resources that enable the municipality to reduce fuel costs and emissions through excellence in fleet management. Maple Ridge was one of the first municipalities to embrace the E3 Fleet Program.

Low Emission Vehicles

Beginning in 2006, Maple Ridge purchased low emission vehicles as well as small passenger vehicles for the fleet. The majority of the small passenger vehicles are now hybrid vehicles that have reduced the amount of fuel consumed by the fleet and corresponding greenhouse gas emissions. In 2013, Maple Ridge added three fully electric vehicles to the municipal fleet.

Driver Education

Driver education was conducted with Air Care trainers who reviewed driving techniques, unnecessary weight of vehicles, tire efficiency and the entire driving cycle. Awareness of emissions and fuel consumption is the first step to fuel efficient driving. In addition, two information sessions on anti-idling were held with drivers.