City Rebates & Programs

Brush Chipping Program

In partnership with the City of Maple Ridge, the Ridge Meadows Recycling Society coordinates the Brush Chipping Program. No pre-registration is necessary. For more information, go to the Ridge Meadows Recycling Society website or call 604-463-5545.

Climate Smart Business Program

Metro Vancouver and Lower Mainland municipalities invite you to join a group of local businesses that are cutting costs by cutting carbon emissions. The Climate Smart training program for businesses is built around a three-step process: measure, reduce, and leverage. Learn more about how it works.


Composters are used to collect fruit and vegetable scraps as well as yard trimmings. Maple Ridge residents can order a composter by calling the Ridge Meadows Recycling Depot at 604-463-5545 or by visiting the depot in person. For more information, visit Ridge Meadows Recycling Society website.

Green Waste

Green waste and clean wood waste, including branches, yard clippings and grass sod, are accepted year-round at the transfer station. Disposal fees apply.

Investment Incentives at a Glance

We want your business—it’s as simple as that. That’s why we developed incentive programs that take a great investment opportunity and make it even better.

Low-Flow Toilet Tax Credit Program

Make the switch to a more water-efficient toilet and help conserve our most precious resource. Maple Ridge homeowners who replace their older toilet with a new, low-flow toilet may be eligible to receive a $50.00 utility tax credit. The Low-Flow Toilet Tax Credit Program is managed by the Ridge Meadows Recycling Society. Before you purchase your new low-flow toilet, visit Ridge Meadows Recycling Society website to confirm your eligibility for the program. New toilets must be CSA or Warnock Hersey approved 4.8 litre flush or dual flush. A limited number of tax credits are available.

Solar Cone Food Digester

The City of Maple Ridge and the Ridge Meadows Recycling Society are partnering to provide an opportunity for Maple Ridge residents to reduce their household waste by 20% or more. A solar cone food digester is a garden unit that uses solar heat and bacteria to reduce food waste to its natural components of water and carbon dioxide. Because more than 90% of its contents are absorbed as water by the surrounding soil, the solar cone does not need emptying on a regular basis. Also unlike a composter, meat, fish, bones and dairy products can be safely put into the solar cone. For more information, visit the Ridge Meadows Recycling Society website.