Types of Environmental Permits

Soil Deposit Permit (Fill Permit)

With land in the Agricultural Land Reserve (ALR), a soil deposit permit is required for any importation of soils. The soils must be of agricultural quality and/or for agricultural use. Roads for farm use are a permitted farm use and do not require a soil deposit permit from the Agricultural Land Commission (ALC), but the City must be notified. Permit applications are administered through the City of Maple Ridge.

With land outside the ALR, a soil deposit permit may be required if you are planning to import soil to your property depending on the volume of soil, the proximity to floodplains, watercourses, slopes, infrastructure or other features, and depending on the final depth of deposited material. Please contact Maple Ridge staff 604-463-5221, ext. 5619 to inquire about permit requirements for your project or to report non-permitted dumping.

Environmental Development Permit

A development permit (DP) is required for any clearing, building, or development related activity where properties are:
  • within 50 metres of a watercourse or wetland area
  • on slopes greater than 15%
  • located within a floodplain
  • within 50 metres of an area designated as conservation on the Official Community Plan "Schedule C Natural Features Map"
  • within a wildfire interface DP area

Tree Cutting Permit

A tree cutting permit is required for trees over 20 cm diameter. Trees of a significant size (50 cm diameter in urban area and 70 cm diameter in rural area) can only be removed under specific circumstances (Section 6.6 of Bylaw (PDF)). Trees in protected areas, including within 30 metres of a watercourse, within a floodplain area or on slopes over 25% cannot be removed unless they are assessed to be hazardous in a written report by a Qualified Tree Risk Assessor. Replacement trees are required to ensure that a minimum of 40 trees/ha (16 trees/acre) are maintained.

Trees along the front of most urban properties are on the road right of way and are the property of the City. They cannot be pruned or removed without approvals from the Parks & Facilities department 604-467-7346.

Plan carefully before removing trees, as they have many useful functions that can be missed once they are gone, such as stormwater management, groundwater quality, shade, wind protection, visual barrier, noise barrier and wildlife habitat. If planning to remove many trees, consider the larger impacts before clear cutting areas.
To learn more about the Tree Protection Bylaw you can go to this link.
Contact 604-467-7446 for more information or to report non-permitted tree cutting.

Bird Nesting

Tree clearing should not occur during the bird nesting period (April 1 to August 1) unless a bird nesting assessment has been completed and the qualified professional has determined that nests or nesting activities are not present within the trees slated for clearing. It is an offence under the provincial Wildlife Act to damage / destroy active bird nests, eggs and or animals.