Street Lights

Ornamental Street Light Maintenance

Maple Ridge maintains ornamental street lights, which are the ones you see on metal poles.

  • These street lights are repaired within 7 business days from the day it is reported.
  • Exceptions might occur in difficult circumstances, such as motor vehicle accidents with damage to the concrete base, etc.
  • Every metal street light pole has a hole to access the wires and fuses inside. This oval-shape hole is covered with a lid. Many of the poles have this hand hole cover made to be vandal proof so as to prevent wire theft. 
  • Power cost for street lights is established as a flat rate per light, so if a street light is on 24/7 or is off (burned out), the cost is the same.
  • The standard for metal street light poles is for them to be galvanized and then powder coated. This is estimated to extend the life expectancy of the poles to 50 years. Every year Maple Ridge replaces a number of street light poles based on the condition of the pole and not on appearance. The first to be replaced are the ones that are badly corroded - this type of condition is usually thanks to our beloved canine companions!

BC Hydro Wooden Pole Street Light Maintenance

BC Hydro maintains the street lights that you see with the metal mast arm on wooden poles.  Please contact them directly at 1-833-828-2224 or through their website BC Hydro Streetlight Repairs

Reporting Street Light Issues

When submitting a repair request, please be prepared to provide information including the closest address or intersection, as well as the condition of the street light. 

  • Metal pole street light issues can be reported to Public Works
  • BC Hydro wooden pole street light issues can be reported to BC Hydro by calling 1-833-828-2224 Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. Alternatively, you can visit their website to submit a repair request to BC Hydro Streetlight Repairs

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