Traffic Lights

How They Operate

All traffic lights "rest" on green on the main street (for example, on Dewdney Trunk Road) until there is a request to change from a vehicle or pedestrian on the side street. This is why at night the lights are all green on main streets.

Please note: When crossing the road, pushing the button multiple times doesn't speed up the light! Pushing the button once does the same thing. The controller only accepts the signal once per cycle.


The traffic lights on Lougheed Highway are maintained by the Ministry of Transportation and Highways with the exception of the seven lights in the downtown core, from 223 Street and Lougheed Highway to 116 Avenue and Lougheed Highway, which are maintained by Maple Ridge. The Electro-Mechanical section is responsible for the maintenance of 45 traffic intersections within Maple Ridge.

Uninterrupted Power Supply

Out of 45 traffic intersections maintained by Maple Ridge, 43 have uninterrupted power supply. This is a system using batteries to power the intersection for a period of time after the hydro power is out. A typical intersection can be powered off batteries from six to 12 hours.

Shrink Wrap

You may have noticed that some traffic controller cabinets are wrapped in a kind of plastic with various scenery. This "shrink wrap" of the traffic controllers almost eliminated the graffiti issue. Maple Ridge plans to wrap all the traffic controllers.


The City-maintained traffic lights all use LED traffic "bulbs," which use only 10 watts of energy compared with the 69 watts that the typical incandescent type uses.
Traffic Lights