Traffic Lights

​Traffic Lights

The city is continually being proactive in improving efficiencies, while reducing costs and carbon emissions. Below we have provided some interesting information about our traffic light program: 

Did you know?

​How Traffic Lights Operate

  • All traffic lights "rest" on the green on the main street until there is a request to change from a vehicle or pedestrian on the secondary street. 
  • The light will change when a vehicle approaches the intersection or when the pedestrian crossing button is pushed. If the vehicle passes the stop bar, the controller thinks the vehicle went by and the light will not change.
  • The changing of the traffic light will not speed up by pushing the pedestrian button several times, as the controller only accepts the signal once per cycle. 
  • All of our intersections use cameras for video detection to sense oncoming traffic to synchronize the traffic pattern. The City does not record or store data. 

​Traffic Light Maintenance 

  • The traffic lights on Lougheed Highway are maintained by the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure with the exception of the downtown core. The City maintains the traffic lights from 223 Street and Lougheed Highway to 116 Avenue and Lougheed Highway.
  • The City maintained intersections have uninterrupted power supply. This is a system using batteries to power the intersection for a period of time after a hydro power outage. An intersection can be powered by batteries between 6 to 12 hours.
  • The City maintained traffic lights all use LED technology to increase energy efficiency and long life span.
  • The City has moved to wrapping traffic control cabinets in a plastic coating displaying various scenic pictures. This program enhances the visual appeal while reducing the cost of removing graffiti. 

Traffic Lights