Roadside Mowing / Brushing

Flail Cutting (Roadside Mowing)

Flail cutting is done along roadsides for safety purposes on defined routes. The roadside is flailed as required to reduce the height of the vegetation to ensure sight lines are maintained 1 meter from the edge of the roadway at intersections and driveways. Flail cutting and brushing of vegetation is completed for safety purposes only, not aesthetics.

Generally, Maple Ridge will do one pass on the roadside, starting in the west working eastward to deal with sight line safety. When finished the first pass, the flail mowers will go back to areas requiring subsequent passes for ditch maintenance purposes, again starting in the west and working to the east. Further flailing is done in and around ditches so they can be inspected to reduce blockages. Vegetation growing in the ditch does not necessarily have to be removed, as this is considered in the design and aids in the overall health of the water quality and ecosystem integrity.


Brushing along the road right of ways is done for safety purposes. The right of way is brushed reactively to reduce the height of the vegetation, so sight lines are maintained at intersections and driveways. Further brushing is completed along City owned property with fronting sidewalks for the safety of pedestrians.

Hedges and brush need to be maintained about 1 metre from sidewalks to 3 metres in height and around 3 metres from road edge and 5 metres in height. On corners, hedges and brush should not exceed 1.2 metres in height or 6 to 25 metres in each direction for sight lines and at driveways at least 6 metres on either side and 1.2 metres in height. Homeowners are to maintain hedges and trees on their property so they don't affect the safety of others. The City cuts brush and hedges, but does not trim them. If the vegetation is on private property, please contact the Bylaws Department via 604-467-7305.

Boulevard Maintenance Bylaw

Please refer to our Boulevard Maintenance Bylaw for more information regarding the resident's responsibilities maintaining boulevards fronting their property.