Public Works Sewer Emergencies

Contact Public Works

The sewer collection system is managed by the City of Maple Ridge to safeguard public health and minimize environmental impacts. The City of Maple Ridge installs, maintains and repairs hundreds of kilometres of sanitary and storm system mains. Please call the Public Works Department via 604-463-9581 for help with:

  • blockages in sanitary services from the inspection chamber to the main
  • flooding in house or street
  • blocked or damaged culvert or head wall
  • locating sanitary or storm connection at property line if unable to find with connection information from the engineering counter
  • repairing broken or damaged sanitary inspection chamber
  • reporting plugged catch basins if they can't be cleared easily with a rake
  • dangerous trees on municipal property
  • intersection or sight line visibility problems due to vegetation

Contact Engineering

Call the Engineering Department 604-467-7339 for help with the following processes:

  • installation of a new sanitary sewer or storm connection
  • disconnection of sanitary sewer or storm sewer connection
  • installation of or an extension of a new access culvert

Backed Up Toilet / Sink

As a homeowner the quickest and easiest way of alleviating a backed up sink or toilet is the conventional household plunger. The homeowner is responsible for the sewer line from the house to the property line and should try the following prior to calling the City of Maple Ridge:

  1. try using a plunger to clear the plug
  2. if a plunger does not clear the blockage, check the inspection chamber at the property line to verify if the sewer line is plugged or damaged
  3. if the inspection chamber is clear, the blockage is on the private side and the owner is responsible for clearing
  4. If the inspection chamber is plugged, the blockage is on the City side and the City of Maple Ridge is responsible for clearing. If this is the case, please call the Public Works to report the problem.