Watering Regulations

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Stage 2 Watering Restrictions are in place effective August 4, 2023, until further notice.

Metro Vancouver activated Stage 2 of the Drinking Water Conservation Plan (DWCP), effective August 4, 2023. Stage 2 water restrictions mean that all residential and non-residential lawn watering and watering of grass boulevards is banned. 

The region has been experiencing a long period of warm, dry weather since May along with higher than average water demands and lower than normal precipitation. Water consumption across the region was over 20 per cent higher than the same period last year, and resulted in accelerated reservoir drawdowns. Although our reservoir levels remain within the normal range, we don’t expect to see a reduction in water demands while in Stage 1 with the continuing warm, dry weather.

Under Stage 2:

  • All lawn watering is prohibited. 
  • Trees, shrubs, and flowers can be watered by hand or using soaker hoses or drip irrigation at any time, or by using a sprinkler between 5:00 and 9:00 am any day. The water must be directed towards landscaping, not grass.
  • Vegetable gardens can be watered at any time.
  • Aesthetic water features, such as fountains, cannot be filled or topped up.
  • No washing of impermeable/hard surfaces such as driveways and sidewalks unless its for a health or safety reason, or to prepare a surface for painting or similar treatment.
  • No new permits for watering new lawns or lawns being treated for the European Chafer Beetle. Permits issued in Stage 1 remain in effect until they expire.
  • Reduction of the watering of some playing fields and golf course fairways. 

Your cooperation will help save water and reduce the risk of more severe restrictions. The City is adjusting watering operations at City facilities and parks to meet the stage 2 restrictions and help conserve water. 

For more information on water treatment and supply, water conservation and reservoir levels, please visit the Metro Vancouver website.

CAN I WATER TODAY? (Click to see what Stage the Region is at during Water Restrictions - May 1 to October 15) 

STAGE 2 - Watering Restrictions - Metro Van

Compliance & Enforcement

Since May 1, City staff have been educating and dropping off notices when they observe people who are not in compliance with the current watering restrictions. 

Effective August 4, the City's Bylaw Officers will be monitoring for unauthorized lawn watering as well as responding to and investigating complaints from the public.  The fine for unlawful watering is $450 per day, per offence.  

Bylaw Notices can be mailed out to property owners and do not need to be personally served.  

To file a complaint, please contact the Bylaw, Licensing & Community Safety Department at 604-467-7305 or email at bylaws@mapleridge.ca 

Lawn Watering Permit (issued under Stage 1)

Newly turfed or seeded lawns may be watered more frequently, provided a Lawn Watering Permit was first obtained from the Engineering Department, with proof of seed/sod purchase.

Lawns being treated for European Chafer Beetles may be watered more frequently, provided a Lawn Watering Permit was obtained from the Engineering Department, with proof of purchase of Nematodes.

Note: Permits issued under Stage 1 restrictions are valid until expiry. No new permits are issued or renewed during stage 2 restrictions.

Watering Regulations