Water Meters

Did You Know?

Water Services for the Following Uses Will be Metered:

  • all nonresidential uses
  • all services, water and service connection 25 millimeters in diameter and larger
  • all properties with in-ground pools or in-ground sprinkler systems
  • all properties greater than 0.4 hectares in area

Request for a Water Meter

  • Any consumer may take an application to the Waterworks section requesting a water meter be installed.
  • The cost of installing any meter on a new water service shall be borne by the consumer.
  • Meters on private property are to be supplied and installed by the consumer and will be subject to inspection prior to the water service being turned on.
  • The cost of installing any meter on an existing water service shall be borne by the City of Maple Ridge. All meters placed on existing water services will be installed by the Waterworks section.

Reading Concerns

When any consumer whose water service is metered makes a complaint that the water service account is excessive, the Waterworks section will have the meter re-read upon written request.

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