Summer Safety Smart Cards

The Maple Ridge Fire Department in partnership with our local McDonald's restaurants began the Summer Safety Smart Card program in 2001. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) Community Policing Team is joining us again in distributing Summer Safety Smart Cards to deserving individuals.

Gaining Rewards

People spend much more time outdoors during the summer months and unfortunately this is when many preventable injuries occur. The aim of this program is to reward people who are enjoying the outdoors in a safe manner and to promote injury prevention in the community. Fire officials and Community Policing Team members will reward people for such things as wearing a helmet when cycling, wearing protective gear on skateboards / rollerblades, using crosswalks properly, etc. One year a gentleman was rewarded for operating a weed trimmer while wearing eye protection and hearing protection - he was pleasantly surprised to receive his reward!

Redeeming Your Cards

Summer Safety Smart Cards can be redeemed at any Maple Ridge McDonald's location for a free ice cream cone until the end of September.