Learn About

  1. Bear Safety Measures

    WildSafeBC is a program designed to reduce human-wildlife conflict through education, innovation and cooperation. It has evolved out of the highly successful Bear Aware program and is owned and delivered by the British Columbia Conservation Foundation.

  2. Brush Chipping

    The program includes pickup and disposal of tree and shrub branches up to a total volume of 3 cubic metres (3 feet x 3 feet x 9 feet). Branches may be up to 150 millimetres (6 inches) in diameter. No construction waste, building materials, stumps, leaves, vines such as blackberries, root balls or household waste will be permitted.

  3. Community Facilities Conversation

  4. Environmental / Development Planning

    Primarily involved in the file management of the majority of applications received in the Planning Department, including zoning, development permits and subdivision. This group is also responsible for the provision of the department's environmental services, including policy creation, the issuance of permits and enforcement. The provision of mapping services also falls within the responsibilities of this section.

  5. Fire Prevention & Safety

    The fire prevention branch provides a regular system of inspections of public occupancies, hospitals, light and heavy industrial, schools, group homes, day cares and extended care facilities to ensure compliance with provincial and municipal codes and regulations, as well as issues relating to public safety.

  6. Fire Services & Programs

    The primary mission of the Fire Department is the protection and preservation of life, property and the environment in the district. This service is provided by a group of 60 dedicated paid-on-call firefighters, 51 full-time firefighters, six chief officers, three administrative support staff and one information technology support staff.

  7. Freedom of Information & Protection of Privacy

    You have the right to request any record in the custody or control of Maple Ridge. However, it is important to remember that the Act and the regulations within it govern requests.

  8. Garbage & Recycling

    Maple Ridge residents are responsible for their own waste removal. Acceptable garbage may be taken to the transfer station, or private collectors can be found in the Yellow Pages under "Garbage." Maple Ridge has an extensive recycling program that is operated by the Ridge Meadows Recycling Society. To arrange for collection, call Ridge Meadows Recycling at 604-463-5545.

  9. History & Heritage

    On September 12, 1874, a group of settlers met at John McIver's farm and decided that they should incorporate and become a municipality. The District of Maple Ridge officially became the ‘City of Maple Ridge’, effective September 12, 2014, the 140th anniversary of the incorporation of the community.

  10. Invasive Plant Species

    An invasive species is any plant or animal species that is introduced into an environment where the species is not native. There are numerous examples of plants, insects, birds and animals that have been transplanted from their natural environments, either by accident or intentionally, into areas where they end up having a serious impact on the natural ecosystem.

  11. Local Area Services (LAS)

    A Local Area Service (LAS) is any municipal service that is designed to benefit a particular part of the municipality and is paid for in whole or in part by local property owners through a local service tax.

  12. Neighbourhood Improvements

    Each year Maple Ridge undertakes construction projects throughout the community relating to our transportation network, water system, sewage system, storm water management and our cycling and pedestrian connectivity. This link will take you to information about specific projects that are underway in the community.

  13. Roundabouts

    A roundabout is a type of road intersection at which traffic enters a one-way stream around a central island. Roundabouts are overall safer than traditional intersections.

  14. Safer City Program

    Safer City is focused on the three "E's": Engineering, Enforcement and Education and is aimed at achieving safer roads for all road users including motorists, cyclists, pedestrians and other non-conventional road users. The program incorporates road safety into all city initiatives and aims to make road safety a priority in Maple Ridge. Residents are encouraged to play an active role by participating in community programs.

  15. Sprinkling Regulations

    Did you know that one hour of lawn sprinkling uses as much water as 25 toilet flushes, 5 loads of laundry and 5 dishwasher loads COMBINED? Remember, your lawn only needs about one inch of water (about one hour of sprinkling) per week to stay healthy.

  16. Sustainability

    Making sure our community remains a great place to live, work and play takes effort from everyone. Maple Ridge's Vision 2025 provides a path from which Maple Ridge can develop strategies designed to balance the economic, social and environmental issues that affect us all. You can help make this vision a reality.

  17. Winter Weather Preparedness

    Maple Ridge has an integrated plan to deal with snowfall based on Policy 9.08 entitled "Snow Removal and Ice Control on Municipal Roadways," which was established in 2009. The plan was developed in conjunction with all relevant agencies providing services in our community.