Cemetery Enquiries

The cemetery is divided into Sections, Blocks, Lots and Grave Numbers. There is a Cemetery Map (PDF) posted inside the cemetery entrance. Administration staff can conduct a search to confirm if a person is buried here and provide the plot location and details. You can call 604-467-7307 to request a search.


Only flat (level with the ground) markers are allowed and limited in size to the type of gravesite as per the Cemetery Bylaw (PDF). The Cemetery Marker and Monument Regulations (PDF) will help you with decisions on memorialization.

Gravesite / Landscaping Information

Cut flowers, wreaths and floral offerings placed on graves will be removed by the Caretaker when their condition is considered by him to be detrimental to the beauty of the Cemetery. Artificial flowers may only be placed in a Cemetery between November 15 and March 15. No person will adorn or define a grave with a fence, hedge, railing, curbing, or landscaping; and only authorized employees of the City may plant, remove, cut down, or destroy any trees, shrubs, plants, flowers, bulbs or rocks in a Cemetery. Any unauthorized adornment or landscaping that is considered by the Caretaker to be untidy or unsafe will be removed by the Caretaker at his discretion.


  • Full size grave – 1 full burial and/or 4 sets of cremated remains are permitted per plot.
  • Baby section – 1 full burial and 2 sets of cremated remains of a parent, grandparent, or sibling (biological, adopted, step and variations thereof) per plot.
  • Cremation section – 1 set of cremated remains per plot.
  • Single niche – 1 set of cremated remains per single niche.
  • Double niche – 2 sets of cremated remains per double niche. Commingled cremated remains may be interred in the following areas of a cemetery only:
    • between two side-by-side cremation graves; or
    • between two cremation graves in The Meadows; or
    • between two cremation graves on a full burial grave; or
    • in a double Columbarium Niche

Cemetery Fees & Charges

Prices apply to both Maple Ridge Cemetery and Whonnock Cemetery as per the City of Maple Ridge Cemetery Fees (PDF).

Cemetery Masterplan

Two cemeteries in Maple Ridge have served the community for nearly 140 years. The historic Lee Cemetery in Whonnock remains nearly unchanged from its early days as a pioneer cemetery. The Maple Ridge Cemetery has evolved into a more conventional cemetery where virtually all of the burials that occur in Maple Ridge take place. Given the pace at which demographics, interment trends and memorialization patterns are changing, staff identified the need to embark upon a master planning process that would address the key community needs to meaningful places of burial and commemoration. The Cemetery Masterplan (PDF) addresses the current and projected levels of demand for interment and memorialization services that will be required over the next 25 years. Those demands, in combination with projected changes in interment choices (burial or cremation), have been used to project future cemetery land requirements. A program of recommendations that address the key findings in the project have been prioritized in an Implementation Plan that concludes this report.

Historical Information

Federal, Provincial and Territorial governments recognize the contribution historic places make to our communities. The Canadian Register of Historic Places provides a single source of information about all historic places recognized for their heritage value at the local, provincial, territorial and national levels throughout Canada.